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podcast imageNote To Self - The Truth That Sets Us FreeJake BoxSun May 1st 2016John 8:31-32, 36. What is the truth that sets us free? Jesus Christ is that truth and we get to know him by: 1) Spending time with Him. 2) Spending time with others that know Him. 3) Seeking His presence when reviewing our day. 4) Depending on Him.  How does knowing the truth set us free? It sets us free by: 1) Freeing us from the penalty of sin(Romans 3:22-24). 2) Freeing us from the power of sin(Titus 2:11-12, Romans 12:2). 3) Eventually setting us free from the presence of sin(1 John 3:2).  When confronting sin in your life the following are some helpful questions to walk through: 1) What is it I am doing? 2) What am I believing? 3)What is the truth? 4) What do I believe? 5) What will I do?Play Time: Share by text msg Share by email Share on Facebook Share on Twitter