Midtown Church Austin TX


podcast imageStand alone sermons - Cultivating a Life of PrayerJustin ChristopherSun Jan 1st 2017Luke 4:42, 5:15-16, 6:12, 11:1,4. Psalm 5:1-3, 51:1-2, 63:1. Reasons FOR praying: 1) Prayer gets us closer to God. 2) In prayer God changes us. 3) In prayer we participate with God's work. Reasons we DON'T pray: 1) We've sinned and we think God doesn't welcome us. 2) Not trusting God for anything bigger than what we think we can accomplish ourselves. 3) We're not hungry for God as we are satisfied with lesser things.Play Time: Share by text msg Share by email Share on Facebook Share on Twitter