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Do you find yourself constantly burnt out, over-exhausted, fatigued, and worried that you're still not "keeping up" with the pace of society? At a certain point, we all feel the need for a break. Some life event or personal crisis hits and we are easily knocked off our feet. Only then do we truly realize how much we need an anchor. God calls us to anchor ourselves in Him, to abide, to trust, and to be rooted in Him. Keeping the Sabbath is both counter-culture and practically difficult, but it is an essential component of our walk with the Lord.

So what is a Sabbath?

In Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Peter Scazzero writes, "The word Sabbath comes from the Hebrew word that means to cease, to stop working. It refers to doing nothing related to work for a twenty-four hour period each week. It refers to this unit of time around which we are to orient our entire lives as holy, meaning separate, a cut above the other six days (Genesis 2:2-3). Sabbath provides for us now an additional rhythm for an entire reorientation of our lives around the living God. On Sabbaths we imitate God by stopping our work and resting.”

Why is it important?

In his book, Satisfy Your Soul, Professor and Author, Bruce Demarest states,"Some of us live our lives so chock-full that the Lord can't get our attention long enough to make Himself known. Our psyches are so programmed for action and accomplishment that we're unable to hear God speak. The static in our souls is sufficiently loud that the whisper of the Spirit gets drowned out. Our hurrying disease - or urgency addiction - sucks spiritual life out of us and turns us into hollow performance machines.

In a nutshell, Sabbath is important because we require rest. It also allows us to anchor ourselves in God and rest and trust in His sovereignty amidst a busy world that prioritizes and idolizes performance and worldly success.

Tips For Practicing Sabbath:

Four Biblical Principles for Sabbath

Plan Ahead.

Plan your weekly schedule accordingly to finish chores/errands/homework prior to keeping your Sabbath.


Reflect each month and consider what has gone well and what changes you would like to make. Feel free to experiment!