Midtown Church Austin TX

Prayer Walking Guide

We're all walking a lot during this "shelter in place" period.  Let's redeem our walks by making them prayer walks. 

What is a Prayer Walk?

A prayer walk is a walk dedicated to praying for the people and things you see as you walk. You can prayer walk by yourself, or you can prayer walk with one or two other people. The goal is to listen to the Spirit by letting Him prompt you to pray about the things you see. The things you see - a family, kids, signs, bumper stickers, graffiti, schools, churches, shops - prompt you to pray for them.

Why Prayer Walk?

Prayer walking is an effective way to learn to pray. The physical nature of it (walking and looking) makes it easier to concentrate and pray, and the prompts from what you see make it easier to know what to pray. Prayer walking develops your relationship with God because it is conversational. You learn to look at things to see what God sees and hear what the Spirit would have you pray.

How to Prayer Walk

Pick a Time

Pick a Place

Prepare Your Heart

Debrief Afterward