Current Sermon Series

Habbakuk: Contentment in troubling times

Is there a way to experience contentment that is not anchored to our ever changing circumstances? When life gets hard or disappointing is contentment really an option? The small book of Habakkuk answers those hard questions in a powerful way. Join us for this six week series as we learn together how we can experience contentment in troubling times.

Join us on Sunday Mornings at 10:45am and/or connect with us throughout the week in a Midtown Community.

Sermon Podcasts

Psalms of Summer – Don’t Worry Be Happy?

Jake Box. Psalm 27. How do you deal with the worry and fear in your life? Psalm 27 points us to the one thing that can truly calm our fears. It also has much to say about how to make that one thing our one thing.


Family Matters – Parenting: Church, I Am Your Father

Brad “Big Red” Laws. Various Scripture. Whether you’re raising children of your own or leading a discipleship these are some great principles to keep in mind: 1) A healthy marriage is the best environment to raise kids. 2) Begin with the end in mind. 3) Understand the need of your children. 4) Intentionally invest in […]


Family Matters – Parenting: A Biblical Perspective

Jake Box. Psalm 78:5-7 & Deuteronomy 6. What is the foundational purpose of parenting? What is the pattern that God gives parents to help them fulfill that purpose? In this message, Jake takes us through Psalm 78 and Deuteronomy 6 to find God’s answers for these important questions.


Family Matters – Marriage: How to Grow in Selfless Love

Justin Christopher. Philippians 2:3,4; 3:17; I John 4:7-9. Justin talks today about how marriage continuously changes and shapes you as the years pass, and gives suggestions on how to remain connected to community during conflict.