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Acts: The Birth of a Movement

Come join us on Sundays as we travel through the book of Acts to take a look at how the early church became a global movement.

Join us on Sunday Mornings at 10:45am and/or connect with us throughout the week in a Midtown Community.

Sermon Podcasts

A Birth of a Movement – The Courageous Ones

Josh Chevalier. Acts 4:1-22. What does it look like to live a courageous life? In Acts 4:1-22, we observe the courage of Peter & John and discover the attributes of those who choose to live a courageous life.


A Birth of a Movement – A Beautiful Movement

Jake Box. Acts 3. How should Jesus’ followers respond in the face of all the suffering in our world? In Acts 3 we are given a beautiful picture of what God has done, is doing and will do to alleviate suffering.


A Birth of a Movement – The Church: Described and Prescribed

Justin Christopher. Act 2:42-47. What was the first church like? What did they do? What were the results? Act 2:42-47 is one of the most beautiful descriptions of what the first church was like. This wonderful description of the first church gives us clarity on the type of activities we should still be seeing in […]


The Birth of a Movement – As the Spirit Moves

Jake Box. Acts 2:1-41. The Church was born when the Spirit of God descended. In Acts 2, we learn a lot about the work of the Holy Spirit and how He empowers the movement of God.