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Corporate Prayer

The church of Jesus Christ was birthed out of a prayer meeting, and the church continues to grow around the world in answer to the prayers of the Body of Christ. United corporate prayer has birthed and sustained every major revival in church history. It's God's way of working in the world.

Corporate prayer is the practice of praying with at least one other person. Corporate prayer is different than personal prayer. Both are necessary in the Christian life, but corporate prayer has some unique functions and benefits.

Corporate prayer functions to fuel movement. It binds the hearts of the people praying together to whatever causes they are praying toward. It strengthens one another's commitment to God and His purposes. It's a way of ministering to each other even as you're praying for things outside of yourself.

Corporate prayer also functions to help us to persist in prayer. It's hard to pray persistently on your own, but while praying with others you can pray longer and with greater intent and focus. Two are greater than one.

There are two wonderful benefits that come from committing to corporate prayer.

You learn how to pray by praying with others. Listening to others pray is a helpful way to learn how to pray and what to pray. The practice of praying out loud with others also teaches you how to pray in your personal time with God.

Corporate prayer strengthens your relationships. You've heard the adage, "A couple that prays together stays together." It's true. "In a recent meeting of the Pentecostal/Charismatic Churches of North America Prayer Commission, Chairman Doug Small cited a statistic from a Gallup poll indicating that among married couples who regularly pray together, the divorce rate drops to one out of 1,153 marriages." Praying together strengthens marriages, friendships, and ministry teams.

Tips For Practicing Corporate Prayer:

Find a Partner.

Ask friends and/or family members to commit to pray with you. Naturally, this habit requires someone to commit to it with you.

Pick a Time and Place.

Decide on a weekly time for more extended corporate prayer (30-60 minutes) or decide on a daily time for a shorter time of corporate prayer (5-10 minutes).

Here are some examples:

Make a Plan.

Make a plan for what you will be praying toward. If your corporate prayer is daily, pick something new to pray for each day. If your corporate prayer is weekly, give clear direction as to what you're praying toward together. Here are some examples:

Stay Accountable to Each Other.

It's likely that at some point you will miss a week or miss several days. Don't get discouraged. Hold each other accountable to start over again, even if it means changing the time, place, or plan.