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Midtown College

Midtown College is committed to giving every student at the University of Texas the opportunity to see, hear and respond to the Gospel. Follow us on Facebook @Midtown College or Twitter/Instagram @_MidtownCollege for the most up to date information on events.


Community Life


College Small Groups

In Midtown College, we long to grow in our relationship with God in the context of community. We believe this best happens as we are connecting relationally, growing spiritually and reaching others.

Connect Relationally — We believe that we were created for deep, meaningful relationships. We all long to be known and to know others well. We believe this best happens among a smaller group of individuals that can we do life with.

Grow Spiritually — We believe that we were created to have an intimate relationship with our Creator, and that this Creator passionately loves us & wants to have a relationship with us as well. Therefore, we want to create spaces for us to get to know Him better and learn more about Him through His Scriptures.

Reach Others — We believe that God wants every student at UT to have the opportunity to see, hear, & respond to God’s love, and that He wants to use you to articulate & demonstrate that love to your friends where you live, study & play.

For Midtown College, our small groups meet all throughout the week in various locations on & off campus. If you are interested in joining a small group, email Matt Cooper at matt@midtownaustin.org.


There are not many spaces in our culture and society where people from all walks of life can come together to have conversations about things that matter. Midweek is a large group gathering that we have created with the hope that it could become one of these rare spaces. Our hope is to inspire UT students to live meaningful lives through having meaningful conversations. Each week we will have a quick 15-20 talk to introduce the topic of the night and then have 30 minutes of discussion. We believe that these types of environments and conversations are ones that Jesus would have created in his context and culture. Therefore, each week we will look back at the Scriptures and the life of Jesus to see what He has to say about the topic of discussion.

We envision Midweek becoming a community that lives by faith, is known by love, and imparts a voice of hope to those who have none. Midweek will meet at 8 pm every Wednesday in the Eastwoods Room at the Texas Union. If you would like to learn more about Midweek, then come check it out or contact Josh Chevalier at josh@midtownaustin.org.