Sermon Podcasts

A Birth of a Movement – The Courageous Ones

Josh Chevalier. Acts 4:1-22. What does it look like to live a courageous life? In Acts 4:1-22, we observe the courage of Peter & John and discover the attributes of those who choose to live a courageous life.

A Birth of a Movement – A Beautiful Movement

Jake Box. Acts 3. How should Jesus’ followers respond in the face of all the suffering in our world? In Acts 3 we are given a beautiful picture of what God has done, is doing and will do to alleviate suffering.

A Birth of a Movement – The Church: Described and Prescribed

Justin Christopher. Act 2:42-47. What was the first church like? What did they do? What were the results? Act 2:42-47 is one of the most beautiful descriptions of what the first church was like. This wonderful description of the first church gives us clarity on the type of activities we should still be seeing in […]

The Birth of a Movement – As the Spirit Moves

Jake Box. Acts 2:1-41. The Church was born when the Spirit of God descended. In Acts 2, we learn a lot about the work of the Holy Spirit and how He empowers the movement of God.

The Birth of a Movement – Missional Rhythm

Justin Christopher. Acts 1:12-26. What did Jesus’s followers do during the 10 days between Jesus’s ascension and their being baptized with the Holy Spirit? They did what Jesus told them to do – they waited. But this was not passive waiting. It was the Biblical kind of waiting, the kind that reminded them of their […]

The Birth of a Movement – The Means of a Movement

Jake Box. Acts 1:1-11. In Acts 1:8 Jesus’ followers are told that we will be His witnesses starting where we are and moving out to the ends of the earth. That’s a big calling! What will enable us to do that?

Upside Down – Seek God’s Kingdom Not Your Own

Jake Box. Luke 12:13-34. One core belief in our culture is that your money is your money to be first used to serve you. Jesus turns that upside down when he teaches that your money is really God’s money and you are to use it first to serve his kingdom. In Luke 12 he confronts […]

Upside Down – Die To Live

Jake Box. John 12:1-8, 23-27. In God’s kingdom things are turned upside down. For example, Jesus said, “Whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it.” But what does losing your life for Christ look like? And what results if we do it?

Psalms of Summer – I Will Remember You

Jake Box. Psalm 103. What is the one thing we must do in order to live in light of all the life changing, joy bringing, benefits of the gospel? If only I could remember.