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O Come Let Us Adore Him – Moved to Give

Justin Christopher. Matthew 2:1-12. The Magi receive revelation by way of a guiding star that a King has been born. They make the long journey to Bethlehem to worship Jesus. In response to the gift that God has given the world in Jesus, they worship Jesus with extravagant giving of their own.

O Come Let Us Adore Him – Treasuring the Truth

Jake Box. Luke 2:19, Matthew 1:22-23. After giving birth to Jesus we are told that Mary responded by treasuring and pondering all that Jesus’ birth meant. As we reflect on Jesus’ birth this Christmas season let us respond in the same way.

O Come Let Us Adore Him – Sing to the King

Justin Chriostpher. Luke 2:8-16. The angel that appears to the shepherds reveals the Baby Jesus to be their long-awaited Savior and Messiah. At the announcement of this good news the host of angels sing, as should we.

The Birth of a Movement – A Priestly Movement

Jake Box. Acts 6:1-7. As a church grows more time and attention must be given to care for the people in the church. But focusing on serving the church can cause the church to lose her focus on serving the city. Is it possible to serve the church family while also working together as a […]

The Birth of a Movement – Gospel Motivated Oneness

Justin Christopher. Acts 4:32-5:11. In this passage Luke gives us his second summary report that describes the oneness in the church demonstrated by meeting each others’ needs. Luke gives us two contrasting examples in Barnabas and Ananias and Sapphira to show the difference between gospel-motivated worship and worship for selfish ambition.

Celebration Sunday – A Day to Remember

Jake Box. Joshua 4. Join us as we recount stories from our church’s past and celebrate the bigs things that God has done through this small local church.

The Birth of a Movement – The Courageous Ones

Josh Chevalier. Acts 4:1-22. What does it look like to live a courageous life? In Acts 4:1-22, we observe the courage of Peter & John and discover the attributes of those who choose to live a courageous life.

The Birth of a Movement – A Beautiful Movement

Jake Box. Acts 3. How should Jesus’ followers respond in the face of all the suffering in our world? In Acts 3 we are given a beautiful picture of what God has done, is doing and will do to alleviate suffering.

The Birth of a Movement – The Church: Described and Prescribed

Justin Christopher. Act 2:42-47. What was the first church like? What did they do? What were the results? Act 2:42-47 is one of the most beautiful descriptions of what the first church was like. This wonderful description of the first church gives us clarity on the type of activities we should still be seeing in […]