Sermon Podcasts

Upside Down – Die To Live

Jake Box. John 12:1-8, 23-27. In God’s kingdom things are turned upside down. For example, Jesus said, “Whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it.” But what does losing your life for Christ look like? And what results if we do it?

Psalms of Summer – I Will Remember You

Jake Box. Psalm 103. What is the one thing we must do in order to live in light of all the life changing, joy bringing, benefits of the gospel? If only I could remember.

Psalms of Summer – Why Do The Nations Rage?

Justin Christopher. Psalm 2. Why is there so much chaos in the world? Who is really in control of every ruler and every nation? Psalm 2 answers these questions in an amazing way. It is a Messianic Psalm that prophetically answers these timeless questions. Jesus is King.

Midtown Moving Meeting

Informational meeting about the upcoming location change for Midtown Austin Church. While no new location has been chosen this meeting and the follow-on Q&A address some of the questions and concerns posed by the partners.

Psalms of Summer – Every Breath You Take

Jake Box. Psalm 139. God is all powerful, all knowing, and all present. These truths about God can overwhelm and unsettle us. However, in the light of the gospel, they bring unparalleled joy and comfort.

Psalms of Summer – Number Our Days

Justin Christopher. Psalm 90. This is the oldest Psalm, written by Moses. As Moses meditates on the incredible fact that God is eternal and outside of time, he is reminded that his time on earth is incredibly short. These truths cause Moses to pray four simple prayers, including “teach us to number our days”.

Psalms of Summer – Rest in Times of Trouble

Jake Box. Psalm 62. Life is often difficult. We all long to find rest in the midst of trouble, but where should we look for it and how do we get it? In Psalm 62 we are told where not to look for rest, where to look and how to find it.

Psalms of Summer – Joyful Security

Justin Christopher. Psalm 16. How can we find joy in the midst of uncertainty and insecurity? Psalm 16 begins with a plea for security. From this place of fear, David calms his heart by remembering five wonderful truths. After meditating on these truths, David emerges joyful and unshaken with renewed faith in God’s promise of […]

Psalms of Summer – Don’t Worry Be Happy?

Jake Box. Psalm 27. How do you deal with the worry and fear in your life? Psalm 27 points us to the one thing that can truly calm our fears. It also has much to say about how to make that one thing our one thing.

Family Matters – Parenting: Church, I Am Your Father

Brad “Big Red” Laws. Various Scripture. Whether you’re raising children of your own or leading a discipleship these are some great principles to keep in mind: 1) A healthy marriage is the best environment to raise kids. 2) Begin with the end in mind. 3) Understand the need of your children. 4) Intentionally invest in […]